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May Chang Conditioner Bar

May Chang Conditioner Bar

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A highly concentrated bar to nourish your hair, and lovingly handmade with ingredients that can help heal, moisturise, regenerate and strengthen your hair.

Our bars are designed for use under wet conditions such as in the shower after you've shampooed. However you can also use it on dry hair to help tame fly away hair, dry ends, as well as to de-tangle.

Simply apply the conditioner bar directly onto your wet hair. Gently stroke over your hair, starting at the top and working down toward the ends. Leave it in for a few minutes to maximise the nourishment. Rinse out. For best results and so the bar lasts for the longest time, keep the bar dry in between uses.

The cellophane bag that the bar comes in is 100% compostable.

Weight Approx: 60g

Ingredients: BTMS Conditioning Emulsifier, Sunflower Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin B5, Marlborough Beeswax, either : Essential Oils of May Chang, Lime & Orange, Herbal Tea Extract

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