Collection: Natural Body Moisturisers

Our all-natural body Moisturising Bars use only natural ingredients to hydrate your skin, leaving it soft and moisture-rich.

Discover our All-Natural Moisturising Bar Collection, crafted with Aroha (Love) from SLO Naturals. These eco-friendly products are perfect for you and kind to the planet. Each product features a lush, chemical-free formula made with all-natural ingredients to ensure your skin stays hydrated, soft, and moisture-rich.

Carefully blended ingredients like vanilla, cacao butter, essential oils and more will leave your skin with a divine scent. Experience the perfect combination of nourishment and fragrance with our all-natural Natural Moisturising Bar products.

How To Use:

  • Push base of tube to expose 2-4mm of the moisturiser bar. 
  • Hold to skin for a few seconds to warm. 
  • Swipe along your skin and blend in.