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Handmade Natural Sting Balm

Handmade Natural Sting Balm

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Don't get caught out this summer with bites or stings.

Grab our pocket sized Sting Balm - our new addition to our balm collection.

Pop it into your bag, picnic hamper or your medicine cabinet so you always have a go to remedy when needed for any nasty stings or bites.

Our beekeepers swear by it, and due to the natural ingredients, and the antibacterial qualities of our beeswax, it quickly soothes and alleviates the painful area.

Made with only natural ingredients.

Apply desired amount and massage into skin, reapply if required.

Made by hand in Gisborne.

Ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil and essential oils including lavender, calendula, manuka and tea tree.

Allergen warning: please see ingredients above

Weight: 10g

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