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Block Dock Vertical Soap Dish

Block Dock Vertical Soap Dish

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The Block DockTM is a Vertical Soap Dish and Shampoo Bar Holder with a suction cup. It is made from recyclable aluminium which is powdercoated for a hardwearing finish. With good care, it will provide many years of soap saving service.

Sit bars at the FRONT of the Block DockTM when new. As bars change their size and shape with use, let them lean to the back - with the bottom of bar remaining to the front. That way the bar will remain secure.

INSTRUCTIONS: Suction cups will only adhere to smooth, non-porous surfaces. They won't stick to textured tiles. The best advice is to suction to glass. If it stayed for a while and then fell, it's likely because the surface isn't suited, though sometimes suction cups can play up. If that happens,you should give them a short bath in boiling water, clean and dry them and try again. Suction cups need to be wet at the back before they can adhere.


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